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Beyond The Boards was created by Anesthesiologists in order to fill the void that has existed in our field for some time.  Even though there are many board review courses available, none attempt to provide the same level of excellence and dedication in preparing the candidate for board certification as well as Beyond the Boards. Additionally, none keep costs at a level that is affordable for most residents and fellows.  This is the void we try to fill at Beyond The Boards! We believe that Beyond The Boards is the premier board review source for the Anesthesia Written and Oral Boards, and the Pain Medicine Certification exam.

What you will find at Beyond The Boards is a complete and modern approach to studying for the board certification exam in the fields of Anesthesiology and Pain Management, while achieving top notch knowledge that can be utilized in your everyday practice.   

In addition, we'll help you prepare for the days beyond the board certification stage by providing you with resources that will educate you in the fields of tax planning, asset protection, finance, and wealth preservation.  We are not experts in these fields but hope that you will find some of these resources helpful!
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